Report – BMW has M1 through M8 CS trademarks image

Is the world’s leading luxury automotive brand cooking up a new high-performance oriented subbrand? It might be, considering the reports of discovered track-focused CS trademark applications.

More importantly, if all of these badges are going to be used the 8 Series return rumors will prove correct – even more so with the model also including an M8 and a dedicated hardcore CS. BMW already made a move in that direction, presenting as a Spain exclusive the M4 Competition Sport – it’s a track-oriented M4 with more power, reduced weight and aerodynamic improvements. Other models could follow suite since the company has trademarked M1 CS through M8 CS with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which could indicate the moniker is making a return.

We also have to take into account that some registrations are purely out of “spite” – meaning the trademarks are made to ensure no competitor can file them. The abbreviation could also have more than one meaning – Competition or Coupe or Club Sport. We are also hoping the trademarks signal the return of the 8 Series – along with its never produced M8 version. Also using the same idea we could see the 1 Series span its proper M1 version and later on the track-oriented CS. Though this is arguably a sensible case – since the 1 Series is making the turn to a front-wheel-drive layout.

Via Auto Guide