The German automaker, the largest luxury automaker in the world, is apparently working on a thoughtful refresh of the i3 electric city dweller, which in its 2017 model year iteration would feature a range boost.

The latest report on the subject has Ian Robertson, BMW AG board member for sales and marketing, confirming the speculation that has been doing the rounds of the rumor mill for some time now, with the manager tipping the idea during the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit – where he said the facelifted i3 would sport a better lithium ion battery pack, putting the i3 “into a much more usable range.” Other sources speaking about the improvements said the jump could be of as much as 50 percent of maximum range – meaning the battery electric vehicle would have the range increased accordingly from about 80 miles – 129 km – to about 120 miles or 193 kilometers.

The extra oomph will apparently come for the i3 via a higher-density battery, improved software, as well as modified electronics. Other updates are also planned for the even more interesting i3 range-extended model, though details concerning this one are not available yet. The i3 was sold across the world in 24,057 units – which is 50 percent up from 2014. In the United States, prices start from $43,350 for the regular EV and from $47,200 for the range-extender version.

Via Automotive News


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