Report – BMW looking into electrified M models, still the ultimate driving machines image

We’re actually more interested in the notion of seeing fully autonomous BMW models and how they cope with the idea of a driver’s machine – because electrification has so far shown its worth at enhancing the performance of cars.

Some diehard fans might argue against an M model featuring some kind of electric boost, but we’re actually well past the idea of a sacrilege just by looking at the Tesla Model S P100D or the holy trinity of hypercars, which are all hybrids. And BMW is already slapping the M badge on its plug-in hybrid cars, via the M Sport package. According to Alexander Kotouc, the company’s head of product management, a full blown electrified M car is closer than we think, meaning we could be getting an “iM” in the near to medium future.

And anyone can rest assured that any electrified M car, be it a hybrid or a pure electric, is still adhering to the “Ultimate Driving Machine” credo: “I promise you one thing, BMW will bring [EVs] that have equal kind of acceleration that makes it a BMW, and you can take it through corners on a racetrack and it will behave like a BMW,” the executive explained. This could play right into the latest rumor that BMW’s next generation M3 might come with electric assistance.

Via CarAdvice