According to the latest report, the German luxury company is again refocusing its innovation strategy, and instead of presenting complete new models it’s looking to better its product and also electrify the entire portfolio.

It appears CEO Harald Krüger is looking only to better the products as the company pushes to deliver more of what customers like. “We’re transforming BMW from a carmaker into a tech company and a mobility-service provider. During this transformation, there’s one constant factor: a rigorous focus on what helps our customers and what they desire.” But this also means electrification is well under way: “In future, we’re betting on maximum flexibility and scalability so as to bring electric mobility to a new and unprecedented level,” the executive added. It appears the company is looking to set up the electric race as a marathon rather than a sprint – and will pace itself, up to the introduction of the i Next model that is slated for around 2021.

But the competition is certainly not sleeping – Mercedes has revealed its own EQ sub-brand that is seen as a direct opposition for the BMW i – and the manufacturer plans to bring at least ten electric models in the near future, while Volkswagen’s I.D. family could encompass as much as thirty electric cars. The electric car market is also not expected to rise significantly before 2025 – IHS Automotive estimates a surge from one percent of the global market share to as much as eight percent by 2025.

Via Bloomberg


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