Report – BMW looking up to second-generation i3 image

Although – pretty much like any other electric – the i3 is not a top sales performer, according to a top BMW executive the electrified city dweller most likely has a future life in a second-generation successor.

Project manager Heinrich Schwackhoefer thinks the model has a future even though since its arrival back in 2013 it has only racked about 60, 000 units in sales – BMW was of course expecting a better performance but it seems the manager is confident the company has not deemed the i3 a failure. Schwackhoefer commented in a recent interview about his confidence in the arrival of a second-generation i3, though he refrained from delivering specific details. We’re still soon to actually discuss the successor, because the i3 first has to go through the usual mid life-cycle refresh and then consider a new generation towards or after the end of the decade.

The model has already been thoroughly updated earlier this year where it matters the most – a higher-density battery pack adds capacity from 22 kWh to 33 kWh. The new pack was developed alongside partner Samsung and is available for both the electric and range-extender model that also gets a small gasoline engine generator. Now the battery has added enough power for an EPA-rated 114 miles (183 kilometers) of range on a full charge, compared to the previous 81-mile range for the 2016 model year.

Via Automotive News Europe