Report – BMW might be coming with a hydrogen model in 2021 image

The Bavarian brand is set to unveil their new flagship – the so-called iNext project – electric and autonomous in 2021, but it may also be joined by a new hydrogen-fueled model.

The company has been testing prototypes for years now – all featuring better fuel cell systems with each passing iteration. The Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity are looking to set up the future as a hydrogen thing – so BMW might be looking to join the party and not miss out on the spoils in the fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) segment. This will happen as of 2021, according to the latest report, which goes on to detail the model will be a limited offering for certain markets, with availability allegedly becoming more mainstream around 2025.

BMW CEO Harald Krueger didn’t elaborate on specific details, but did hint the fuel cell model would be for “larger model series and long distances.” While hydrogen is certainly the most abundant substance around, the issue with fuel cell cars relates to the lack of a proper infrastructure for refueling. “However, until 2025 at least costs will remain too high and the hydrogen infrastructure too sparse to allow broad-based market penetration,” BMW development boss Klaus Fröhlich explained. “By the time the fundamentals are in place, the BMW Group will also have marketable products ready that are attractive to customers.”

Via BMW Blog