With the supremacy of the McLaren P1, Porsche 918, and Ferrari LaFerrari being contested by the new crop of hypercars coming from Mercedes-AMG or Aston Martin, it seems other companies are looking to join the party.

According to the latest word off the rumor mill, none other than BMW is considering building a hypercar that would go against the Mercedes-AMG Project One and Aston Martin – Red Bull Valkyrie. The only thing it’s at the bottom list for the BMW executives, with BMW M Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Peter Quintus, only admitting it would definitely use a hybrid powertrain, with concepts ready for development, if needed. “The two big factors beyond that are our development capacity and also the investment required,” said Quintus. “We would love to do it. Our engineers would love to do it. But there has to be the money to do it. We have concepts. If you said tomorrow, go, we know already what it would look like.”

This won’t be the first-time BMW has mulled the development of a true hypercar – we can see in the attached picture the M1 Hommage concept from 2015, for example. Back then there were numerous reports flying around with BMW working with McLaren to do a 750-horsepower hybrid hypercar. BMW’s halo car – the i8 – is for now safe, also because the automaker is looking to push its life with the introduction of a convertible version, as well as the refreshed coupe version due with a power upgrade in 2018 or 2019.

Via Drive


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