Report – BMW might retire the 3 Series GT image

Allegedly the Bavarian brand has decided to focus on the slightly larger but also way more spectacular 4 Series Gran Coupe, with the 3 Series GT getting ready to receive the axe.

According to the rumor mill, the 3 Series Gran Turismo might remain a singular effort from the automaker that really didn’t understand the fact that fastbacks are done differently – after all the success of the larger sibling 5 Series GT is owed to the ample interior space in the back, not the styling recipe. So, the facelifted model might be the last hurrah for the short lived version – and in our opinion the world is not going to lose anything over the retirement. It appears the quirky sedan will not receive a new generation when the 3 Series changes the internal moniker to G20.

Apparently the business case wasn’t solid enough with the existence of the 4 Series Gran Coupe and the “four-door coupe” will take its place in the lineup – though the exact details remain to be trialed and tested by the marketing guys since the two models were not really intended for the same customers in the first place. There are also reports that claim the Sport Wagon is also getting the retirement ticket – though we’re pretty sure that won’t be the case because of its more practical nature and the fact that people might want RWD instead of the new X1 going with front wheel drive.