Report – BMW not going with M version for upcoming X4 SUV image

Although arch rivals Audi and Mercedes-Benz keen on bringing to the customers SUV hot offerings, like the RSQ3 and the yet-to-be officially confirmed GLA45 AMG it looks like BMW will opt out of the game with no X4M planned.

According to the German automaker, already the niche nature of the coupe-roofed SUV endows it with a sporty nature, and the expected range-topper with a 3.0-litre twin-turbo six will provide comparative performance to the RSQ3 and GLA45.

“The question is ‘what customer are we talking to? And are we talking to someone that is [already] willing and able to afford an X6 M?,” said BMW product communications manager Bernhard Ederer. “The biggest markets for that type of car is the US and China and these are markets where the X5 and X6 are already very popular. It is a little bit selfish, as it is not always about what a number of customers would like but what for us is the best business opportunity.”

So, concerned that such a car would cannibalize sales of the larger X6 M, BMW looks set not to unveil an M powered version of the upcoming X4 SUV. Still, if the competitors will fair really well on their respective models, maybe later on the decision will be changed.