BMW has decided to introduce new electric models – apart from the “i” range – aimed at keep up the pace with the green introductions from Mercedes-Benz and the Volkswagen Group.

BMW’s electric vehicle range is allegedly set to grow tremendously in the next few years as the automaker is not only bringing new models into the bespoke “i” range – like the rumored i5 – but also electrifying models in the regular range. These include electric variants for the next generation X3 SUV and some models from the Mini family. The company has refrained from sharing too many details but it seems the upcoming Mini EV will become available in about three years, according to an undisclosed company executive.

BMW is already hard at work developing the next installment of the X3, and it will most likely be introduced sometimes next year as a 2018 model – we’re not expecting the EV to pop up immediately though, with the greener version reserved for sometimes later in the generation’s cycle. We could also see BMW rekindling the Mini E moniker for the EV version of the brand, with the original becoming available in 2008 and included in a test program – as it was only available for leasing.

Via Reuters


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