Apparently the world’s largest luxury automaker is feeling the heat from the rapidly ascending Mercedes-Benz rivals, which overtook last year Audi for the second position in terms of sales.

While sales are not really (or at least shouldn’t be) the final goal of any automaker – if profit is substantially better – BMW wants to tackle the issue backwards: deliver even more upscale models that will sit above the current 7 Series flagship. That will serve two ways: first deliver better profits since such models bring a hefty price tag (only in part due to the more luxury they bring, but they also have hefty profit margins) then help lift sales at the bottom of the range because they serve as image boosters. According to the most recent report, BMW’s development boss Klaus Froehlich has commented the brand is working on new models that will sit in the $170,000 (€150,000) and more price tag. Today the priciest 7 Series is the 750Li xDrive which starts at “just” €115,100. Of course, it will be dethroned from the position by the recently introduced – at the Geneva Motor Show – M760Li xDrive – but even that model doesn’t fit the price tag mentioned earlier.

These new models are coming to the party to bridge the massive gap between the BMW offerings and the Rolls-Royce models and as such would give the Mercedes-Maybach division a run for its money. The rumor mill is still debating whether the new additions would be 7 Series versions or an all new model roster – an 8 Series for example, but we also heard the X7 SUV could span an upscale version that would fit the price tag.



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