Report – BMW ready to unleash new GTS and CSL versions image

The German company’s managers are apparently well aware that BMW has rather strayed away from the “driving machine” focus of old, and are mulling a return to the growing market of driver-oriented cars.

According to the rumor mill, BMW is already hard at work testing the prototypes for an M2 CSL – with sources from inside the company also giving up the details: a milder S55 turbocharged 3.0-litre straight-six petrol engine used under the hood instead of the M2’s older N55 unit, with the newer technology bringing massive improvements in terms of reliability and driver response. “Demand for cars like the M2, which is probably our purest M product today, has surprised us, and that opens opportunities for building more extreme cars, in the vein of GTS and CSL heritage models,” explained in a recent interview BMW M vice president Dirk Hacker.

According to reports the M2 CSL isn’t due until the regular model gets updated next year, with the moniker choice being relevant to what the M division has planned ahead. The CSL first appeared on the homologation special version of the CS, the 3.0 CSL, in 1972. The L meant the car was lighter – so we’re likely to see the CSL go towards lightness, whereas the GTS will be reserved for more powerful, but also heavier versions of the bigger cars.

Via Autocar