Report – BMW rounding up first 100 years with autonomous prototype image

Apparently the largest luxury automaker in the world is ready to celebrate its centenary with and autonomous concept – set to be revealed this year alongside other celebratory actions.

According to BMW’s chief of f sales and marketing, Ian Robertson, the brand that has described itself as building the ultimate driving machines is looking ready to give up the wheel – an autonomous prototype is being readied for an introduction sometimes this year. The reveal will be part of the company’s 100th anniversary celebrations and will be used to deliver an insight into the upcoming plans of the Bavarian brand. Robertson commented during a briefing session in London the automotive industry has gone through and completed the “feet off phase of autonomy” and is now in the midst of the so-called “hands off and eyes off phase.” This latter one will be a short one though as the automakers and technology companies are gearing up for the eventual “brain off.”

Robertson went on and predicted the fully autonomous technology could be ready in around a decade but numerous other factors could add to put another five years on top. One such primary cause for concern is described by the executive to be “moral dilemma” choosing between scenarios that in every instance feature a clear or possible danger. Anyways, the autonomous concept should be revealed later this year and Robertson said the celebrations will also make way for other products.