Report – BMW says it will prepare flagship ultra-luxury version of the X7 image

According to a high ranking executive from BMW, the German automaker will deliver an ultra-luxurious version of the upcoming flagship X7 sport utility vehicle.

Ian Robertson only confirmed the plans for the upscale variant of the upcoming flagship X7 SUV and refrained from delivering any more details other than the fact that its starting price would sit above the $100,000 threshold and the cabin would feature a four-seat layout. Robertson added the ultra-luxury version will be delivered with a custom exterior design that would serve as a way of quickly setting it apart from the regular X7 versions. The manager also decided to settle the previous speculation the X7 would be sharing bits and pieces with the Rolls Royce Cullinan, dismissing the idea altoghether. He also added they don’t feel the ultra-luxurious X7 would go up against the reported Mercedes-Maybach GLS because BMW is not looking to rival Maybach as they already have the Rolls-Royce brand positioned above.

Robertson then went on to confirm the German carmaker, the world’s largest luxury manufacturer, will indeed add to its lineup an all-new flagship. He refrained from entering detailed specifications as previous reports have called for the apparition of the 8 or 9 Series and only said the model is already well under way” in terms of development. He also added customers with smaller banking accounts will also have reasons to celebrate as the brand is also planning a new compact crossover – which has already started development. The rumor mill has previously reported on the apparition of a new model – the 2017 X2 so now we also have official confirmation on that as well.