Report – BMW securing CSL trademark for all M models image

The Bavarian company last year decided to secure the legal rights to the “CS” designation for its entire range of M cars, from M1 through M8 – and now it appears it has done the same for the “CSL” badge.

The official WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization – website reveals the CSL designation has different statuses for different markets, all of them have trademark protection at home in Germany, but only the M2 CSL, M4 CSL, and M8 CSL have received international registration. Naturally, just because BMW has registered them all it doesn’t automatically translate into plans from the company to bring to market such models. Just like any other company out there, automakers also have the habit of registering certain monikers just to hold them from falling into the “wrong hands” – aka the competition using them for their own purposes.

We can almost be sure though BMW will use at least some of them – the M4 CS might pave the way for fans to try and snatch the smaller but equally feisty M2 CS (render image), acting as a special edition to keep interest up for the little high-performance machine. The CS badge is a bridge between the regular M car and the flagship Coupe Sport Light (CSL), with the latter coming to replace the previous GTS moniker.

Via Bimmerpost