The latest rumor flying around the mill concerning the world’s largest luxury automaker has to do with the reintroduction of the flagship 8 Series for a new top of the line coupe model due here before the turn of the decade.

BMW’s research and development center in Munich has some insiders that spilled the beans, and according to the sources the carmaker is currently evaluating the business case for the 8 Series – they also have to allegedly decide between the classic two or the modern four-door coupe body style. The first one would be a direct match to Mercedes’ S Class Coupe and could also be declined as a Cabriolet. The latter would have the Bavarians target an audience that is looking for something noticeably larger and more luxurious than the current flagship – the 6 Series Gran Coupe.

No matter the body choice, the resurrected 8 Series would serve as the brand’s ultimate pinnacle of technology and will also come with numerous elements from the new generation 7 Series which is based off the CLAR platform. The model should come out of the company’s plant in Dingolfing, Germany from 2020. The latest bit of info comes from unnamed persons that have knowledge of the company’s production plans for the upcoming years. The decision on the body style is expected around 2018 and around that time a concept would also be presented in order to preview the reintroduction of the 8 Series.



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