BMW and Mercedes are increasingly competing one another, with overlapping models – the X6 and GLE Coupe is a good example – and it appears this is a long-running new sport.

Just the other day we reported BMW is going to deliver a rebirth of the but with added dimensions – meaning we should expect a sedan that takes cues from the Vision Future Luxury concept that was first showcased back in Beijing in 2014.

The lavish new 9 Series will premiere sometimes in 2020 and will be geared towards the back seat occupants – getting two individual seats with bespoke infotainment systems and screens. Of course the 7 and 9 Series will make use of the same powertrains – with the 6.6-liter V12 being the flagship offering. This engine in the linked to an all wheel drive system via an eight-speed automatic transmission. A plug in hybrid version shouldn’t be out of the question – just like an all electric model, as BMW stated its new flagship car would go fully green in the near future.

Via Auto Bild


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