Report – BMW to present the X3 eDrive in 2018, then a 3 Series electric image

The German automaker’s most important executives missed the Paris Motor Show because they were busy meeting and cooking up the electric and hybrid model strategy.

Now the rumor mill has already started catching the wind about what was discussed and it looks like the luxury brand is ready to turn its full attention on the electrified segment. And it appears the Bavarian brand is even considering a skirmish with Tesla by introducing electric vehicles in the same segments the Californian automaker is competing. It seems a full electric 3 Series will arrive somewhere between 2019 and 2021, sitting in between the upcoming mass-market Tesla Model 3 and the full size Model S luxury sedan. BMW could use most of the sedan’s platform but use a new front and rear suspension – and have 315 horsepower with the rear-wheel-drive version or 402 hp when opting for an all-wheel drive setup.

The fully fledged competitor for the Model S will be a new four-door coupe sitting between the 5 and 7 Series and packing multiple battery capacities – the 90-kWh version could enable an estimated 375 miles of range. BMW is also going to be electric in the SUV category with the already official X3 version – which is expected to arrive in 2018 after the regular model gets the new generation in 2017.

Via Automobile