Report: BMW X4 has been delayed or may be canceled image

We suspect that the rumors of a BMW X4 were true because according to the new reports released lately by BMW, the X4 has been canceled.

Originally, the X4 was scheduled to be released somewhere in 2014. However, the design part of X4 has been scrapped. Then the most recent prototype came out which resembles the BMW X3, especially the interior job. And BMW has already decided that they would follow another direction considering it to be different.

And now, the company is looking for an X4 which will be a mixture of the X3 and the X5. We have been also reported that the car will offer a four-seat option to its passengers and will be smaller in size with better handling. Besides, the additional sport styling will be the major highlight of the car.

Merging together all these elements, a new BMW will emerge this is what the company is expecting. In fact, the X4 should attain higher features than the BMW X6 Sport Activity Coupe.

Though, no doubt the X4 will bear similar visuals with the BMW X3, but the changes would be at the front and rear designs which will get separate identity. The company will also add few more features to the wheelarches and enhance the visual interest with new lines on the vehicle. And the SAC will be in line with the remaining BMW line. Perhaps, the platform of the car would change, but as per the expectation, it will be a hybrid version with 4 to 6 cylinder options. Probably, all the options will be available in the all-wheel-drive version…

By Sunita Mandal