Report – BMW X5 and X6 to have touchscreen displays starting summer image

The largest luxury automaker in the world – BMW – has been the promoter of intricate and feature-rich infotainment systems ever since the iDrive’s first introduction back in 2001.

And the technology has evolved continuously ever since – but BMW remained a classic by using the turn knob instead of the mass of rivals that have gone the touchscreen way. Well, according to the latest report on the matter, BMW is acknowledging the changing times and is now expected to feature the touchscreen technology on its screens starting with the flagship SUV models – the X5 and X6. Actually the all new 7 Series sedan is already the first one to cave in and feature touch tech and now the rumors around the mill are pointing to an expansion across the lineup. It will also come to the X5 and X6 SUV models late this summer through an update to the navigation system – though the models will not feature the 7 Series’ gesture control technology as well. Instead the top SUVs will receive it when the next generations roll out – even though BMW still plans to equip the crossovers with the iconic iDrive controller, sitting as always in its place on the center console.

The touch control display on the 2016 7 Series is pretty much a standard affair and can be used by anyone with some experience operating tablets or mobile devices – using the vast array of available options: touch, swipe, scroll, pinch to zoom and drag. The report further states the X5 m and X6 M will also receive the update in the near future – but since any of this information is yet to be confirmed officially by BMW we advise you to take it with a pinch of salt.