Report – Bosch also falling into the VW Dieselgate pit image

According to recently filed court papers, the lawyers for the owners of the affected Volkswagen cars have brought decisive allegations towards the supplier’s key role in the Dieselgate scandal.

The largest parts supplier in the world, Bosch has now been accused of playing a pivotal role in the onset of the Volkswagen emissions cheating defeat device by the lawyers speaking for the affected owners, according to the latest report. A US court filling alleges Bosch was an “active participant in a massive, decade-long conspiracy with VW.” The company quickly admitted once the Dieselgate scandal broke that it delivered software and hardware used in engine control units – and claimed the calibration of the systems was VW’s part, claiming no responsibility in the cheat.

Now the lawyers state otherwise – claiming Bosch was close to VW and worked alongside in the development of the defeat device, citing a 2011 email to the California Air Resources Board that makes clear “Bosch’s deep understanding of what regulators allowed and would not allow, and what Bosch did to help VW obtain approval.” The filling adds: “Bosch played a crucial role in the fraudulent enterprise and profited handsomely from it.” So far German prosecutors have looked into Bosch’s part in the scandal but nobody so far accused the company of any implication.

Via Automotive News Europe