According to the latest legal fillings, apparently Bosch – a major supplier – sought protection from VW against future litigations when considering emission devices.

The legal case against Volkswagen for the Dieselgate scandal is fully on its way, but the allegations are now also covering its supplier – German engineering company Robert Bosch GmbH. It has been made clear that Bosch was actually involved in developing the emissions software and devices that allowed VW to cheat, according to new legal filings it appears Bosch asked for protection against any accusations of wrongdoing. Citing a letter that Bosch sent to VW back in 2008, the plaintiffs suing VW in U.S. District Court have accused Bosch of asking the automaker for legal protection over the cheating devices it used across the US market.

“Plaintiffs do not have a full record of what unfolded in response to Bosch’s June 2, 2008, letter,” the filing writes. “However, it is indisputable that Bosch continued to develop and sell to Volkswagen hundreds of thousands of the defeat devices for U.S. vehicles.” The supplier had been trying to get away from the Dieselgate scandal – admitted it supplied parts to VW that were used for the diesel engine cheats, but considered the automaker to be responsible for the engine. VW of America has already agreed to a huge compensation for the scandal, which includes repairs, compensation and the buy-back of affected vehicles.

Via Bloomberg


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