It’s well known the Bugatti Veyron was a machine that went to extremes – both good and bad – the latter’s most notorious rumor being the automaker lost an arm and a leg every time they built a Veyron.

The Bugatti Veyron has been introduced back in 2005 – and while that seems like a lifetime ago, the achievements of the model will most likely live on forever as the model holds the speed record for a production car. The company sold the Veyron for incredible sums of money – especially thanks to the myriad of special editions that appeared throughout its life cycle – but it has been rumored each built unit actually brought a loss of a few good millions. Of course, all that budget holes were trumped by the level of awareness and prestige the brand has brought to the whole group.

With the Chiron, the company is looking to change that losing money part. The hypercar will set back potential owners at least $2.4 million, which is way more money than the calling price for the Veyron even in its heyday. The money bleeding will also be stopped thanks to the Chiron being the “second child” in the family – the Veyron was started from zero and the Chiron is now inheriting more than a decade of experience, research and development. “This car over its lifetime, with 500 cars and a base price of € 2.4 million, is adding into the bottom line result of Bugatti and we are making money with this project,” happily reported Wolfgang Durheimer, Bugatti’s chief, during the ongoing Geneva Motor Show.

Via The Verge


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