This is one rumor you don’t have to wonder about, or take it with a pinch of salt. Of course Bugatti was sooner or later going to attempt to establish another world speed record with its new Chiron.

Well it might happen sooner than later actually, which is great – it will give Hennessey and Koenigsegg (and others) something to chew on, meaning we could be in for a battle of the speed honor. According to the latest report, chief executive officer Wolfgang Dürheimer has recently confirmed the utterly expensive Chiron will aim to take down the 268 mph production world speed record, currently belonging to the Veyron. The 431 km/h world speed record was established using the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport way back in 2010 by former F1 driver Pierre-Henri Raphanel at the company’s Ehra-Lessien test facility. “We will try to lock in a new world speed record. I know the Chiron will be faster [than the Veyron Super Sport], but we don’t how fast. We have the calculations from our simulations, but it is always different to sit in the car and actually do it,” commented the executive during the interview with a British publication.

The Chiron, which has been on point in the United Kingdom for its local dynamic debut this past weekend during the Goodwood Festival of Speed, has upped the calling card from the Veyron Super Sport with its 1183bhp and 1106lb ft to no less than 1479bhp and 1179lb ft. And according to the company, the official maximum speed of the vehicle is 261mph – very close to the record.

Via Autocar


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