Bugatti is the epitome of wildness, luxury and extravagance when it comes to sports cars. What else can you say about a brand that makes a 1,200 HP model named Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse?

With prices and custom built ownership that leads to a very select customer base, Bugatti – a French automaker that today lies under the patronage of Volkswagen AG – has always been a brand that simply throws in your face the vast power that lies behind its owner. We all know from reports that even with the exorbitant price tags, each Veyron also digs a small whole in VW AG’s deep pockets.

Nevertheless, owning the current fastest legal road car is no small deed – and one that needs to be topped someday, preferably by the model’s successor. This is why two people with knowledge of the plans inside the VW group have revealed to Reuters that the company is already mulling the replacement of the Veyron – one that will surprisingly, or not, bring into question a hybrid powertrain.

Bugatti is now deep into the blueprint of the next model, which should be coming to life somewhere in 2015, as the limited series Veyron is close to its sell out date. The sources said that Bugatti’s new chief executive Wolfgang Duerheimer, an former research and development chief at Audi and Porsche, considers putting in the next model a hybrid powertrain, one that would still be based on the 16-cylinder engine – though bringing to the table this time no less than 1,500 horsepower. Again, the production run would be limited to around 450 units, just like the current Veyron.

Via Reuters


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