Report – Bugatti Super Veyron to get 1,500 HP in 2014 image

Bugatti is planning to develop an extreme version of the Veyron, which will also mark the end of the hypercar’s production.

Bugatti is getting tired to be threatened by other carmakers and their upcoming models, which are expected to become faster than the Veyron in terms of top speed and the company is planning to develop a final and extreme version of the hypercar. According to the guys at Autocar, the new Bugatti model will be named the Super Veyron and it will be an evolution of the outgoing version. The hypercar has been described as “a fantasy in terms of its performance”.

The upcoming Bugatti Super Veyron will be 200 kg lighter than the Veyron Super Sport, thanks to the use of carbon fiber. This should drop its total weight to 1,688 kg (3,721 lbs). Besides the weight loss, the new Bugatti Super Veyron will also get more power from the quad turbo W16 engine, which will produce more than 1,500 HP (1,118 kW), compared to the current 1,184 HP (883 kW). The new Veyron will not become a hybrid. Its top speed should increase to 450.6 km/h (280 mph) and it will set buyers back for approximately 5 million GBP (5.8 million euros / 7.7 million USD).

Source: Autocar