Report – Bugatti to start thinking about Chiron successor in 2019 image

Well, they’re actually already discussing about the future that comes after the Chiron, but the company isn’t going to brainstorm ideas until next year, with actual development kicking off in 2019.

Bear in mind this is all speculation at the moment, and plans can change over time – but it’s actually logical for Bugatti executives to start pitching ideas about the successor for the Chiron, since the hypercar is their only model in the lineup. All in all, they of course need to come up with something mightier than the Chiron, the hypercar that just posted a new record, sprinting to 249 miles per hour (400 kilometers per hour) from a standstill and then returning to a complete stop in a mere 42 seconds. According to CEO Wolfgang Durheimer, “The question, what is the next one, needs to be answered in 2019. Next year is a pre-development year where we evaluate the different ideas,” he commented when asked about the future.

The brand is busy fabricating the Chiron right now – and we already know the 0-249mph-0 record was actually achieved the brand prepares to have a go at the world land speed record for a production car, still held by its predecessor, the Veyron. So far, Durheimer has confirmed the company has sold 300 out of the 500 examples production run – “Chiron will be with us for quite some time. It is supposed to sell for six years—right now we have a waiting list of four years. We have now sold car number 300 out of 500 and we are doing 70 a year. For the time I can oversee Bugatti, it will remain the ultimate product. Extremely high end, very sharp, no compromise. The best materials, best technology, highest price. No rebates.” This naturally means that with no management change, there’s also no chance for a “popularization” of the Bugatti moniker with a lesser supercar.

Via Road and Track