During a recent interview, Buick and GMC US Vice President Duncan Aldred has shed some light on the former brand’s plans – which is going to have a seven-model range.

According to the executive, Buick currently has a “wonderful portfolio” that will soon be made out of three sedans, three crossovers, and the Cascada convertible. By the way, the manager also addressed a long query of Buick fans – bringing the fashionable Opel Adam over to the Uinted States. But while Aldred in the past has been a fan of the model and has even hinted the model “would make a great Buick” apparently the strategy of the company has changed and he quips “I wouldn’t be looking for a small, B-segment car today.” This is not really surprising since the sales in America have been taken by storm by the love of consumers for crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks. Additionally, the market in America for compact hatchbacks has always been pretty niched and the business case for a premium subcompact model would be even harder.

Thus, Aldred has put to rest speculations about the possible transformation of the Opel Adam into a Buick model and that means the fashionable model will not make the jump across the Atlantic. But the executive also discussed the possibility of adding a new top of the line model or even a halo car in the near future. This could mean the fans would get the much hyped production version of the Avista or Avenir concepts – or maybe a model that would marry traits from both prototypes.

Via Automotive News


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