Report – Buick’s upcoming cars to come from overseas sources image

According to two persons that have knowledge of the General Motors’ strategy, the majority of Buick models sold in the US after 2016 could actually be imported from China and Europe.

Just two of the future model roster, the upcoming new generations of the mid-size LaCrosse sedan and the large Enclave crossover, would be produced in North America, said the sources, who declined to be identified because their companies have strong professional ties with General Motors. As of late there is ample tendency on behalf of the Detroit Three to bring more vehicle production to plants located outside of the United States. The sources disclosed the Buick marquee will have the production of the compact Verano sedan taken from Michigan to China late next year and the output of the mid-size Regal sedan is probably going from Canada to China or Europe in 2017.

Buick is already en route to bring into the US two overseas models: the compact Cascada convertible and the compact Envision crossover. The first will be brought from Europe early next year and the latter will be imported from China at the end of 2016. Another Buick model, the subcompact Encore crossover is currently shipped to the US from South Korea. The LaCrosse is being updated next spring and production is scheduled to shift to Hamtramck outside Detroit. The Enclave meanwhile is going to be redesigned sometimes in early 2017 and production should remain in Lansing, Michigan. China is the brand’s biggest market, with deliveries close to one million autos per year, about four times larger than at home in the US.

Via Reuters