Report – Cadillac could be working on Cruze-based model image

According to Cadillac’s executive chief engineer Dave Leone, the company is indeed developing an entry-level sedan as previous reports have been suggesting for a while.

The new, base sedan is set to enter the company’s lineup beneath the ATS and apparently the vehicle could be based on the mundane Chevrolet Cruze. There have been numerous speculations on the model so far – tipped to use the rear-wheel drive Alpha platform initially. But with these RWD platforms it’s difficult and costly to downsize which could be the reason why Cadillac has decided to opt for the Cruze combination. The most recent report on the matter calls the new vehicle to be in development starting from the basis of the front-wheel drive D2XX architecture used for the Cruze. If you’re old enough, you may thus remember Cadillac has done that in the past – with the Cimarron – which became a major flop.

Today that may not happen again, since there are successful premium models based on front-wheel drive platforms, such as the Mercedes CLA or Audi A3. There aren’t any details about the entry-level Cadillac but we can be sure it will have a completely different design and an uprated interior. Engine options have been tipped by insiders to be 1.5- and 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinders, allegedly mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Via GM Inside News