Models such as the Mercedes-Benz CLA or the Audi A3 Sedan have showed that luxury can be accessible – which is why we’re treating as credible the rumor that Cadillac is also aiming for a piece of the segment’s pie.

According to the latest report flying around the rumor mill, Cadillac is mulling the introduction of a small, rear-wheel drive sports sedan that would slot below the current ATS model. “We are working on something below ATS, ” hinted Cadillac executive chief engineer Dave Leone during an interview. He refrained from delivering any more details but said the automaker is renowned for its rear-wheel drive powertrains when talking about sedans. That would deliver an edge over the crop of competitors in the new segment – as all competitors, including the CLA, Acura ILX, Buick Verano and A3 Sedan use front wheel designs. If delivered as a production version, the new entry-level sedan would make use of a smaller version of the Alpha platform that already underpins both the ATS and CTS models.

The question remains – how will Cadillac manage the issue of having to scale down an expensive, rear-wheel-drive platform to meet the demands of a sedan with a starting price of about $30,000. And the Alpha architecture has been engineered with large vehicles in mind – as a testament to this is the cramped back seat space offered by both the ATS and Camaro. And we’re here hoping the ghost of the Cimarron front wheel drive compact Cadillac is there to teach them to avoid past mistakes.

Via Road and Track


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