Report – Cadillac mulling ultra-luxury offerings: $300,000 sedan and $250,000 SUV image

According to the latest rumor running around the mill, there’s something wacky going on at Cadillac headquarters – as the brand is apparently looking into the prospects of adding ultra-luxury models to the range.

This is more than Wacky Races material – it’s actually something that looks clearly far-fetched. That’s because Cadillac is rumored to be looking at the business case of a new “XT9” flagship SUV that would sit in the family above the upcoming XT8 – which will be the new name of the Escalade. And the latter is only due for replacement at the turn of the decade so the former would actually be out when we’re more than a decade older – in 2027, at a price of $250,000. It would be used as Cadillac’s response to the latest flurry of ultra-luxury crossover offerings such as the Bentley Bentayga or the forthcoming Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

And that’s not all, because Cadillac would also add at the high end of the spectrum a very posh sedan that would carry an even higher starting price tag – allegedly called CT9 it would be a full size sedan costing around $300,000. This one is going to hit dealerships even later than the XT9 – about 2029. More noteworthy would be the models that follow the already introduced CT6 – a CT7 that is hinted to be a coupe and a CT8 that breaks the $100,000 barrier. The latter would be used to fight the extended wheelbase versions of the Mercedes S Class and BMW 7 Series and would be presented before the end of the decade.

Via GM Inside News