We’re really hoping the California legislators somehow pull a utopia on us and their rules become global – because they’re showing us nothing gets past them when it comes to making life better for us and the planet.

Case in point, according to a recent report the legislators this week decided to come up with a bill tightening the rules against Volkswagen AG – you know, the automaker that cheated on pollution rules and thought it can get away with it. The new bill part of a budget package agreed with Governor Jerry Brown will require the German automaker to use part of its settlement-agreed clean car infrastructure funds in disadvantaged communities. The company’s Electrify America project is part of the agreement to spend a total of $2 billion nationally – with no less than $800 million in California, as atonement for its misconduct.

Critics were quick to point out the strategy laid out by VW unit Electrify America for the first $200 million in California would have actually assisted them in gaining a competitive advantage over other vehicle and charging station makers, while also ignoring poorer communities. The bill now pressures VW by allowing the Air Resources Board to “ensure to the maximum extent allowable” at least 35 percent of investment funds go to low-income and disadvantaged communities.

Via Reuters


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