Report – Chemical company Ineos to make Defender-like off-roader image

According to the firm, after an initial feasibility study, Ineos will proceed to design and build an “uncompromising” off-roader, much like the Land Rover Defender, that might fulfill the fan base cravings until the official new generation comes out.

Apparently the Chemical firm Ineos has decided to build a Defender-inspired vehicle, revealed as an “uncompromising 4×4 off-roader” since there’s a gap now on the market after Land Rover axed the current generation Defender mere months ago. There have been reports circulating since last year that billionaire Jim Ratcliffe’s company was mulling the production f a Defender replica, and was even already looking for the prospective business case. The latter having been completed, it appears the company is willing to invest “many hundreds of million” in a new vehicle that should be produced locally, in the UK.

Some of the reports had been touting the company would build a direct replica of the now old Defender – but the firm has put the record straight and said it will only “reflect its philosophy”. “The target market is global and includes agriculture and forestry workers, explorers and adventurers as well as traditional Defender fans that simply enjoy an authentic 4 x 4 driving experience,” has declared the company. The project will be commanded by Dirk Heilmann, former chief of engineering and technology at Ineos – he is now heading the newly constituted Ineos Automotive and is currently recruiting “automotive experts”.

Via Autocar