Report – Chery looking to deliver electric range to Europe image

China’s biggest vehicle exporter, Chery, has set its sights on Europe – where it plans to land with a full model range sometime in 2019 or 2020, according to a new report, with the twist of bringing only electrified vehicles.

At the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show Chery took a page out of Geely’s book and launched its own new, international brand Exeed – this being the subsidiary that will enter the European market, just like Geely is using its newly developed Lynk&Co. brand to reach the Old Continent. Chery CEO, Anning Chen, has allegedly confirmed to British media that when the series produced models of the Exeed brand arrive in Europe they will only be of the electrified variety. “Every model will be electrified, either micro-hybrid, hybrid or plug-in hybrid,” Chen explained. “And, for sure, we will also have BEV [battery electric vehicles].”

First up for the grabs will be the TX five-seat SUV, the model coming as a fresh perspective from Chery because the automaker invested in a dedicated architecture built from the ground up in cooperation with “the world’s leading suppliers” and prepared for electrified powertrains. The marque wants to follow the Ioniq – deliver the SUV as a standard hybrid, PHEV, and then purely-electric, with the first to reach the market being the plug in hybrid, according to the report. The TX has been designed as a global model and will pave the way for “a family of vehicles in European markets across multiple segments.”

Via Autocar