Report – Chevrolet Bolt might be a huge money-loser for GM image

With an all-new architecture and being the first of its kind – a long range but affordable electric vehicle – no one would have considered the Chevrolet Bolt to actually bring in any profit for GM.

As it turns out, reportedly the idea is accurate – and the company could stand to lose as much as $9, 000 on every single unit it sells – but the automaker could have a huge pay off in the long run. Actually Chevrolet has been receiving numerous praises for its all-new, all-electric Bolt subcompact – with reports claiming the EPA estimated range of 238 miles on a single charge might actually be lower than in reality. According to Eric Noble, president of the CarLab – an Orange, California-based consulting company – most electric cars, such as the Fiat 500e, and with Bolt included, lose lots of money. The losses are also attributed to California’s electric vehicle policy, which has been adopted by nine other states.

The strict guidelines say that any automaker looking to do business in the state has to come up with non-polluting vehicles. Some brands have introduced zero emission models – like FCA’s 500e – specifically for these states and don’t sell them anywhere else. But the Bolt will have a wide US release and the 238 mile-range will come with a sticker price of $37,500.

Via Bloomberg