Report – Chevrolet could out a more affordable Volt image

The first generation hybrid-electric Volt has been a very slow seller lately, but GM looks committed to follow up with a second generation – and sources say it could be sold in two variants.

According to people with inside information in the supply chain, Chevrolet plans to up demand by releasing two 2016 Volt versions – with one of them being a more affordable, smaller battery pack equipped.

According to the sources, the next generation Volt should begin production within 16 months at General Motors Co’s Detroit Hamtramck plant, which recently has received a $450 million cash infusion alongside the battery factory that makes the Volt packs.

“Volt customers are the happiest customers in the world. We found a formula that works for them, and we’re not going to deviate from that formula,” says Chevrolet spokesman Mike Albano.

The Detroit Hamtramck assembly unit will receive $384 million for upgrading its tools and equipment, in preparation for the production of the next Volt “and two future products.”

In a strategy similar to Tesla’s Model S offering – which has three battery packs and three prices – Chevrolet would offer a standard version not far from the current Volt that has a 380 miles (610 km) range and a lower priced, less equipped version with a range of less than 300 miles (480 km) –according to the supplier sources.

Via Reuters