Report – Chevrolet mulls green-lineup expansion in the US image

According to sources within the company, General Motors is eyeing an expansion of its current green-vehicle lineup to include an electric version of the Sonic subcompact.

The US company plans to boost its eco range – which only includes the Volt plug-in hybrid and the Spark EV version – by adding a new full-electric model to the lineup promising a driving range of around 200 miles (pretty close to what the champion – Tesla’s Model S – currently offers).

Mark Reuss, the GM global product chief, has acknowledged the company wants to make such a model to compliment the rather limited range of green vehicles (the Spark EV is only available in California and Oregon) it has currently on offer, but declined to identify the brand’s model to be modified and also shed no light on the release timetable.

Now, people that have knowledge of the strategy spoke to Automotive News under condition of anonymity and said the No. 1 US automaker is targeting the Sonic subcompact (Aveo in other markets), with a tentative schedule for release in 2017.

The 200 miles range was hinted last year, when then CEO Dan Akerson confirmed the company was developing an electric model with a range of about 200 miles on a single charge.

Via Automotive News