Report – Chevrolet patent hints at Corvette active aerodynamics image

Active aerodynamic elements – do you remember since when the Pagani Huayra had them – are becoming increasingly popular, just look at how they helped the Lambo Huracan Performante achieve a staggering time on the Nurburgring.

The idea behind them is to allow automotive engineers to “magically” enhance the performance of a machine by actively adjusting the airflow for high downforce at some moments and for better slicing through the air at others. And everyone is looking to get the edge in this rather new playing field – for example General Motors has filed a patent for the Chevy Corvette that blends the aero tweaks with a tool that also adjusts he suspension’s ride height. According to GM, the active aero elements “may be one of an adjustable spoiler, an air dam, a splitter, a diffuser, and shutter,” fitted either at the front or back. The company also proposes either lasers or ultrasonic sensors for the suspension to keep track of the distance from a fixed point on the car.

Report – Chevrolet patent hints at Corvette active aerodynamics 2

It appears that blending the aerodynamic adjustments with the vehicle’s ride height might yield specific improvements. GM’s patent filling implies the sensor could monitor body roll during a turn and the adjustable aerodynamic elements would then change their position to specifically enhance the handling in that particular situation, with the documents even looking into coordination between steering inputs and aero tweaks. We could also see very easy GM fitting the tech not only on the Corvette, but also on the Camaro or the V models from Cadillac.

Via Autoguide