Report – Chevrolet preparing vintage bowtie emblem for Texas State Fair image

We’re going to be assaulted by all things trucking, since later this week the annual Texas State Fair kicks off – and US automakers love to feature their pickups there.

Take Chevrolet for example, according to the rumor mill the company has even devised a completely new heritage bowtie badge that might tie (pun intended) to the 100th anniversary celebrations surrounding the company’s pickups. The Texas State Fair itself starts Friday, and because Texans love pickup trucks, the event is rumored to feature the introduction of a new Chevrolet Silverado version. The automaker hasn’t shared any official details about what lies ahead, but the Internet has gone crazy over the new retro-themed bowtie badge.

The Lone Star State’s annual fair is expected to be the place where Chevrolet kicks off the celebrations for the 100th anniversary for the brand’s pickup trucks – although the milestone is only being completed in 2018. Specialists are pretty sure about the arrival of a special anniversary edition of sorts, and some even hope for a special preview of the highly-anticipated new generation 2019 Silverado. The new truck is coming with new styling, and is also rumored to adopt more aluminum to lower the weight and increased its efficiency figures.
Via GM Authority