Report – Chevrolet to switch to mid-engine Corvette, introduction coming in 2018 image

The US automaker is apparently going for a coup de grace in the sports car arena according to the latest report, which states the next generation Corvette, set for a 2018 introduction, will feature a mid-engine setup.

The hotly anticipated 2019 Chevrolet Corvette might turn into a true McLaren weapon with the generational switch, while also keeping its wide appeal thanks to a base price of about $80,000. According to the latest whispers flying around the rumor mill, the model is expected to first show its face in front of the worldwide audience during the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit sporting a mid-mounted version of the company’s familiar pushrod V8 engine. There’s still no official word from the company on the model, of course, but while it will have a base price of about $80,000 it will still come with sports car credentials thanks to the power level – expected anywhere in between 450 and 500 horsepower.

Next up on the roster would be an even hotter Corvette that would make use of an all new V8 engine with four cams and 32 valves. Thanks to the upgraded specifications it will most likely take on the Acura NSX and come with a price tag of more than $100k. Then buyers would need to wait for around 2020 when Chevrolet will deliver the most extreme Corvette to date, tentatively named E-Ray, it will feature a hybridized powertrain with an all wheel drive setup thanks to the electric motor sending power to the front wheels.

Via Car & Driver

  • Randal Colling

    I think YES

  • White Rabbit

    I’ve got news for everyone; by definition the Corvette IS a mid-engine car. The whole of the engine sits between the axles, has for decades.
    If you want a RMR Corvette, then you are getting away from the design language of the car: Long low hood, Shark-like design. Then it is no longer a corvette, If that’s what you want buy a lamborghini.