Report – China is getting a Kodiaq Coupe from Skoda image

Some very interesting information pertaining to Skoda’s upcoming model strategy is arising from China, where the company allegedly has plans to have a four-model strong SUV range.

We already know one of the models in question – the recently revealed seven-seater Kodiaq. The others remain a mystery – save for one of them, called Kodiaq Coupe. This means the Kodiaq will enter the growing niche of coupe-SUVs that have a more steeply raked roofline towards the back, negatively affecting both rear passenger space and the luggage space. But with the Kodiaq this might not be an issue, since the model is huge on the inside and the Coupe version will probably eschew altogether the seven-seat version. The other two cars have been named “Model Q” and “Model “K.”

We can expect one of them to be the second-generation Yeti we’ve been expecting for some time. The new version will most likely grow up in size to fit in the compact slot and we can be sure the new Yeti will be presented by the Czech automaker during the second part of the year with official public premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The fourth model is – an educated guess – a new subcompact crossover to fill in the slot left open by Yeti’s higher positioning.

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