Report – China’s Beijing to lower new vehicle license plates by 38% image

According to the Beijing Daily, the country’s capital will cut down the number of new passenger vehicles on the city’s roads by 38 % in 2014 as part of a strategy to lower pollution and traffic congestion.

Beijing will drop the annual number of new license plates to 150,000 in 2014 from 240,000 today, according to the report posted on the city government’s website today. By 2017, only 90,000 of the plates will be offered to traditional cars, with the rest reserved for new-energy vehicles, the report also said.

“They have a target to control the total vehicle number to 6 million, so they have to reduce the number of vehicles registered every year,” said John Zeng, the Shanghai-based managing director of researcher LMC Automotive. “It will make sales in cities more difficult.”

China’s government is working to clean up its air and water supply to ease public anger over environment degradation, which has become the top cause of social unrest in the country. The latest measures are part of a plan to lower the number of vehicles in Beijing to 6 million by the end of 2017, and the most important to be introduced in a major Chinese city since Guangzhou put a cap on the number of new license plates in July 2012.

Beijing will also set up a strategy to weigh down the number of large commercial vehicles and study the implications of a traffic congestion charge, according to the newspaper.

Via Bloomberg