Report – Citroen could introduce new designation architecture image

The French brand, part of the second-largest automaker in Europe, PSA Peugeot Citroen, is mulling the reorganization of its naming strategy to better reposition the models within the overall structure of the group.

Today, the well-known brand has the tradition of using both letters and numbers for the core models. It uses the letter “C” and then one number for the core lines – the top selling subcompact model is the C3 and then the second best-seller is the compact C4. Their variations use that scheme and then also add a name – for instance the C3 Picasso and C4 Picasso for vans, C4 Cactus crossover and C4 Aircross sport utility vehicle. The automaker has been mum on potential changes of its naming architecture, but French business paper Les Echos reported the possibility, claiming Citroen chief executive officer Linda Jackson has commissioned a research to create a new naming nomenclature. “We are studying the possibility, but it is too early to give you more information,” commented a spokesperson on the report.

Having a new naming structure – a common task among carmakers today, it seems (recent examples are Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac) – would help the brand better position its various types of vehicles and also secure the necessary independence from the Peugeot and DS brands, according to analysts. PSA’s recovery strategy, directed from the top by chief executive officer Carlos Tavares, has both Peugeot and Citroen on road to drop some of their current models. He aims to reposition Citroen as the affordable option, Peugeot as the upscale mass-market marquee and the recently turned independent DS brand as the near-luxury offering.

Via Automotive News Europe