Report: Citroën to develop DS3 Convertible image

As per the report came out recently that Citroën is developing a DS3 convertible, people are waiting to get the news about what special this major French automobile manufacturer has to offer.

Well, though details of the car are quite limited, but this model will at least get a canvas roof which is alike the Fiat 500C. This indicates that the roof mechanism would be built into the upper body structure of the car. On the other hand, the car is also going to get even more rigid chassis as compared to what a traditional convertible has received.

Citroën was trying to make his plan successful since long with its revived DS line, offering premium levels. It started its first reviving program with the basic DS3 hatchback, and then its creation moved on with the DS3 Racing hot hatch, the DS3 R3, the DS3 WRC rally machines, the DS4 crossover, and the new DS5. This time, Citroën is concentrating to revive the convertible model.

The DS3 Airflow was a tentative name, but as the rumor of convertible is spreading on, Citroën might follow a parallel move ahead as taken by Fiat with its 500C. The car will receive a retractable fabric roof panel which will retain the pillars as well as the door frames, bridging the gap of a full convertible and a large sunroof. As per the advantages what one can receive is that the car will offer superior handling, more cost-effective development cycle, retain the rigidity of the body and will offer open-air driving.

As of now, if these reports are true then the new drop top will soon be launched in 2013 (spring).


By Sunita Mandal