Report – Daimler to hasten green strategy to meet Euro emissions image

Apparently, the fight for the top spot in the global luxury car segment has made the German company lose sight of one important goal – meeting the upcoming emission target thresholds.

While Daimler claims – for the Mercedes-Benz Cars subsidiary (includes Smart) leadership of the worldwide luxury segment ahead of the BMW brand alone (the latter claim supremacy as a group, including Rolls-Royce and Mini), the company had to make a somewhat embarrassing announcement recently. The automaker – for the first time since 2007 – has somehow failed to further drop overall fleet emissions – the company says to blame is the surging demand for trucks, SUVs and other bigger models.

The issue is European regulators will not take kindly to such side-slips and has tough emissions targets that need to be achieved in 2021. It turns out, according to a recent report, the remedy is to accelerate the development pace for its crop of plug in vehicle family – both PHEV and full electrics. Apparently, instead of 2025, the company now targets 2022 as the threshold for the arrival of more than ten new electric cars via 10 billion euros worth of investments. Daimler added its new desire is to “achieve a European average fleet emissions level of 100 grams for Mercedes-Benz Cars, including its Smart brand, by 2020.”

Via Reuters