The French ultra-luxury exotic manufacturer took a rather specific approach to styling the Chiron, its successor for the record-breaking Veyron hypercar – and some may even call it evolutionary.

The lines of the Chiron look undoubtedly cool but keen observers attest to it being far more inspired by its predecessor than they actually wanted. That’s even as the Chiron actually borrows lines from the Grant Turismo concept – but still, an evolution is clearly present and we can’t blame them for keeping the lineage. As it turns out, spectacular as it may be, the Chiron could have looked like coming from out of space. According to a report, the Bugatti insiders say the “eight eye” look was not the original concept for the model. The front end we see in the picture is actually an early concept for the Chiron that was penned by Sasha Selipanov. He was among the designers invited from within the group to deliver their take on the Veyron successor.

His project was successful and he was immediately taken inside the Bugatti team with a focus on the Chiron design. But his alien front fascia didn’t actually make the cut – while the side and back profile actually very close to his vision. The critics of Bugatti say the evolutionary route was not something to be desired for a model as recognizable as the Chiron, but the company says this is a case of “function over form” with engineers and designers concentrating on the aerodynamics and internal cooling duties. This is also a consequence of Bugatti aiming to break its own production car speed record – so the Chiron needs all the help it can get, as well as a cool quad-turbo W16 8.0-liter engine.



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