Report – Dodge Demon hits 60 mph in 2.1 seconds, if you roll image

There’s a new game in town – who’s got the quickest sprint to 60 mph (96 kph) – Tesla’s Model S, reigning supreme in the electric segment, or someone else?

When the electric car startup Faraday Future came out with the FF91 crossover, they claimed to best the standard Tesla Model S. The Musk-directed company responded with the Easter Egg performance upgrade for the Ludicrous Mode and the P100D comfortably reclaimed the top spot. And with a record 2.28-second run clocked by the Model S P100 D, it even bested the most powerful production car ever – Dodge’s new halo Challenger SRT Demon, which has a standstill time of 2.3 seconds on the 0 to 60 mile-per-hour (96 kilometer-per-hour) segment.

But there are some fine lines to be read here – Motor Trend’s famed P100D 0-to-60 run included a small trick, a rollout, which is an extra seven inches allotted before the timer starts. In the exact same conditions, it turns out the Dodge Challenger Demon will best the Model S, says Head of Passenger Cars at FCA North America, Tim Kuniskis. “Lately some people are trying to go for big stats, so they are including rollout, and they are being honest,” said Kuniskis in the interview. “Zero to 60 pure is 2.3 seconds, but with rollout it’s 2.1, and that’s important because that’s the fastest 0 to 60 of any production car, I don’t care what the technology is.” The Dodge does have the optional Direct Connection powertrain controller, no passenger or rear seats, racing slicks, and 100-octane racing fuel, which can all be taken straight from the factory.

Via Motor Authority