Fiat Chrysler Automobiles landed a sweet deal with Google when they partnered for the Pacifica autonomous models, but other than that its plans seem pretty messed up.

The fabled Alfa Romeo return to better days is still looking really clouded – with new models pushed back – while the Chrysler brand is but a shade of what it used to be, with no foreseeable positive future. Now even Dodge seems to have its problems. The current generation Charger – a good looking car still – is going to grow long in the tooth if the latest rumor pans out. While it came out back in 2011 riding on the Chrysler LX platform, it appears a successor is not in tow before the decade’s end. The initial reports called for the platform’s replacement by 2018 when the new “Giorgio” rear wheel drive architecture used inside the Alfa Romeo Giulia would have kicked in. And the platform would have made the transition to the Charger and Challenger models complete with their first inline-four-cylinder gasoline engine.

The engine – codenamed “hurricane” – should have developed around 300 hp and use a twin-turbo configuration. The latest refresh for the pair happened way back in 2014 and it appears the sources mentioned in this report claim the architecture will remain in place until at least 2020. And to keep the models interesting, FCA plans a host of updates along the way for both.

Via Truth About Cars


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