Report – Dodge preparing Challenger with AWD and wide-body Hellcat for next year image

The US automaker is expected to reshape its entire product range in the years to come, but before that happens some of its top selling models will get interesting special creations.

The near future is still looking good for the Dodge brand – thanks to new addition such as the Charger Daytona – and the introduction of new special models such as an all-wheel drive Challenger and Challenger Hellcat. Nicknamed Challenger GT AWD, this would be the first time in the muscle car’s history it receives an all-wheel drive system, with the model expected as early as this year. There’s an even more interesting wide-body, Hellcat version in the cards apparently, slated to arrive early next year – and possibly named Challenger ADR.

These two special versions will be offered ahead of the complete overhaul of the lines expected in 2018, which should take both to Alfa Romeo’s Giulia rear-wheel drive architecture. Called the Giorgia platform, it is widely expected to also be used for the new Journey starting 2018. The Durango is coming in as a facelifted model next year and the new model will even feature an SRT trim with the 6.4-liter V8. Mopar fans are still expecting the Brracuda revival expected for 2021 – as a convertible sharing the same platform with the Challenger and Charger.

Via Automotive News